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Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) is a locally owned, state-of-the-art veterinary facility in Charlotte offering 24/7 emergency care and board-certified specialty care. We see specialty appointments by referral from your primary veterinarian and are open and staffed for emergencies 365 days a year. Board-certified specialty services offered include cardiology, neurology, surgery, internal medicine, oncology and ophthalmology. Our advanced diagnostic services include ultrasonography and echocardiography, endoscopy, minimally invasive surgical procedures, rapid-scan CT imaging and high-field MRI, in addition to many others.

CARE was founded by three local veterinarians whose dream was to open a clinic in which patient care is always the first priority. Because CARE’s owners are on the floor of the practice every day, decision making happens in the office with the clients and pets as the primary focus. From meeting pet owners and working closely with the veterinarians of the greater Charlotte region, communication and understanding are nurtured at every level. This creates an environment in which the practice of medicine and the care of clients flourish.

Our mission is to set the standard for veterinary care and service by delivering outstanding specialty and emergency medicine. To remain on the forefront, we will attract and foster accomplished professionals at every level of care. Through our expertise and compassion, we will work as a team with our clients to provide the best quality of life for their pets.


CARE has a large team of doctors and experienced technicians committed to providing the best possible care for your pet. One of the most striking advantages of having your pet treated at CARE is you will not only see an expert in the field but also have access to seven different areas of veterinary expertise, all working to ensure the best outcome for your pet. For example, a patient experiencing lameness may benefit from consulting both a surgeon and a neurologist. A pet with cancer may need surgery to remove a tumor as well as an internist to treat the systemic effects of the disease and an oncologist to create a chemotherapy plan. When a patient with cataracts has a heart murmur, a cardiologist can evaluate the heart and work with the ophthalmology team to create an anesthesia plan that reduces the risk of complications during surgery. This team collaboration means CARE can provide exceptional, comprehensive medical care for your pet.

Access to multiple specialties is only one of the features of the extraordinary care your pet receives at CARE. The team also has on-site access to the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the region, including intra-operative fluoroscopy (real time X-ray), CT scanning and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Furthermore, suites devoted specifically and exclusively to surgery and adherence to strict sterile processes ensure the best possible environment for surgical procedures. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, CARE has experienced, highly trained doctors in the building 24 hours a day caring for your pet during each hospital stay and providing emergency care should the need arise.

For additional information, see our FAQs page which covers answers to many general questions including what to expect when you visit CARE with your pet.

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