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Neurosurgery at CARE VeterinariansCARE’s neurology service focuses on diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Board-certified neurologists receive specialized training in both medical and surgical neurologic conditions such as epilepsy, intervertebral disc herniations and immune-mediated brain disease.

Our neurologists work closely with your family veterinarian, reviewing your pet’s history and previous diagnostic testing before performing a thorough neurological examination. Following the examination, the neurologist reviews with clients their treatment options or any additional testing that may be needed. CARE offers on-site CT and MRI scanners that enable us to get your pet scheduled for advanced diagnostics rapidly. We also have a dedicated, fully equipped neurosurgical suite should your pet require surgery.

Once your pet has returned home, we continue to provide personalized care and work cooperatively with your family veterinarian to ensure the best possible long-term outcome for your pet.

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