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Pets need angels, too.

As a state-of-the-art emergency and specialty veterinary hospital, pets come to CARE for evaluation of serious or life-threatening illness. Pet owners count on our doctors to carefully explain all the treatment options and work with them on the best possible outcome for their family member. We know not everyone can afford the costs associated with restoring health to their pet and this can be devastating for their family.

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Helping owners in need

We founded the CARE Silent Partner Fund because many of our clients and our staff have asked how they could help. Donations to our fund lets us provide services to pets whose owners could not otherwise afford treatment.

Silent Partner Fund

Please join us

All pet lovers are invited to be an angel for struggling pets and pet owners. CARE has partnered with the Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This partnership allows our fund to have no overhead costs and every dollar of every gift goes to treating pets in need. You can make a gift in three easy ways:

Donate online

Secure Online Donation

Write a check

By a check made payable to Veterinary Care Foundation

Be sure to indicate the donation is for CARE Silent Partner. Mail to:

Veterinary Care Foundation
16550 NW 46th Street
Morriston, FL 32668

Make a credit card payment

By credit card at Square readers inside our practice

Your contribution is tax-deductible within the IRS charitable guidelines.

For more information about the CARE Silent Partner Fund, please contact CEO, Peggy Sayer, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology), at 704-457-2300.


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Originally posted 6/18/23

Keenai and the CARE Silent Partner Fund

CARE Charlotte is celebrating its 8th anniversary by sharing stories of thriving patients. One of them, Keenai, is a 9-year-old male husky who received a second chance through a grant from the CARE Silent Partner Fund.

Keenai featuare

Jennifer Schmidt rescued Keenai after breaking free from an abusive relationship. But in Schmidt’s opinion, Keenai actually rescued her. “I didn’t want to live anymore,” she says. “But Keenai gave me reasons to get up out of bed every single day—to take him out, to take him for a walk. He was there to give me a purpose.”

So, when Keenai started having trouble, Jennifer did everything she could to help.

For about two years, Keenai had chronic digestive issues that did not respond to treatment. Consequently, Jennifer was led to believe that she would probably need to have Keenai euthanized.

When Keenai’s digestive issues suddenly became more extreme, Jennifer took him to the emergency department at CARE. Expecting to be told that she would have to put her beloved companion down, she was elated when the CARE doctors diagnosed Keenai with a perianal hernia which could be surgically corrected to help his digestive issues. However, as a single mother trying to manage on her own, Jennifer was simply unable to cover the cost of surgery.

With encouragement from CARE staff, Jennifer set up a GoFundMe campaign and asked her friends and family for help. People donated, but that was not enough. Then a CARE staff member suggested that Jennifer apply to the CARE Silent Partner fund for help. Keenai qualified for enough assistance to make the surgery possible.

In December of 2022, CARE’s surgically repaired Keenai’s hernia and fixed his digestive problem.

“I’m really glad to have him home,” Jennifer says, “I thought I was going to lose him.”

“CARE and the Silent Partner Fund gave my life back,” she continues tearfully. “It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. After all we’ve been through, Keenai is everything to me.”

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