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Celebrating World Veterinary Day

World Veterinary Day falls on April 28th. While it’s kind of always Veterinary Day around CARE, the holiday reminded us why we chose veterinary medicine and what inspires us in our careers. Cardiology Dr. Peggy Sayer: I became a vet because I was interested in working...

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My Week at Iditarod, The Last Great Race

The 46th Iditarod kicked off on March 2, 2019 in Anchorage, Alaska. The dog sled race is almost 1,000 miles. So, as you can imagine, mushers and their teams of dogs prepare for months leading up to "The Last Great Race." The teams go on countless training runs,...

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CARE Cares About Mental Health

Recent studies suggest that people who work in veterinary medicine are at a high risk for mental health disorders. At CARE, we take these studies very seriously. We have implemented policies and procedures to help any employee face disorders such as compassion fatigue...

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Pets as Holiday Gifts- A Good or Bad Idea?

I’m just going to come right out and say it...pets as holiday gifts are a bad idea. Pets are living beings who depend on their humans to take care of them. If a person is given a pet and he or she is not ready, prepared or even willing to assume responsibility, what...

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Bloody Urine in Dogs and Cats

When pet owners notice blood in their dog or cat’s urine, they commonly seek emergency veterinary care, which is highly recommended. Hematuria, the proper term for the presence of blood in urine, can be the result of blood coming from any part of the urinary system....

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Adjusting To Your Pet’s Blindness

The thought of our pets going blind is sad and scary. We hate to think of our dogs or cats having a reduced quality of life in any way. However, with proper at-home care, most animals adjust very well to blindness and maintain a great quality of life....

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