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Camden Rouben, DVM, Residency Trained in Cardiology
Camden Rouben, DVM

Board Certified in Cardiology by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Born in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, Dr. Camden Rouben caught the veterinary medicine bug at the age of 15 when he first began assisting at his local veterinary clinic. After veterinary school, Dr. Rouben completed a cardiology residency at the University of Florida where he received specialty training in medical and interventional management of canine, feline, equine, food animal and exotic animal cardiac disease.

Dr. Rouben’s favorite part of cardiology is using medical and interventional techniques to improve the quality of life for the patient and to empower owners to monitor and care for their pets with fewer unknowns. His primary interests in this specialty are interventional cardiology, congenital heart diseases and reptile cardiology. “I work tirelessly so you can take your pet home with a smile on your face,” he says.

During his free time, Dr. Rouben enjoys a wide array of hobbies. These include discovering the latest and greatest musical act, art, theater, food and fitness.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Boston University
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University
  • Internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, VCA Aurora
  • Resident in Cardiology, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology)


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  • Rouben, Camden M. and Geri Lake-Bakaar. ECG of the Month. JAVMA. February 2017.
  • Review Article: Sleeper, M. and Camden Rouben. How I approach… Heart murmurs in kittens. Veterinary Focus, 29.1:9–14; 2019.


Uno, a cat, Buckbeak, a leopard tortoise and Pinky, a corn snake.

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