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NEW! You can now include up to 10 files with your referral submission. At the bottom of this form, drag the files into the area marked “Drag & Drop Files Here” or browse and add them individually. See details and restrictions at the bottom of the form.

Please note: If you wish to access patient records, go here.

If you would like to access our estimate sheets to aid in your patient’s referral, please click here.

    Vet Referral Form


    If date of birth is unknown, please provide approximate age in years and months.



    We promise to keep your contact information confidential and send only material that is important and relevant to you and your patients, such as continuing education opportunities, specialist's scheduling updates, and other important events; please provide your best email address to receive this material.

    Please attach any files for the case you wish to share with us below. You can attach up to 10 files, and each file can be up to 10 MB each. Formats accepted include dcm, doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, tif, tiff, xls, xlsx and zip If you need to share a file in a format we do not currently accept, you can compress the file in ZIP format or contact us for other options.

    If you prefer, download, complete and email our Veterinary Referral Form to [email protected].