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Emily Rhoades, DVM
Emily Rhoades, DVM

Dr. Emily Rhoades has been performing emergency care of animals in military and civilian veterinary settings since 2010.

After a distinguished undergraduate experience at Guilford College, Dr. Rhoades decided to pursue veterinary medicine for the United States Army. This led to an internship and several positions caring for military working dogs and other army post animals at several military bases in the United States and in Cuba. Discharged to civilian life, Dr. Rhoades focused on emergency care in a private practice in Hawaii for a few years before heading back to the North Carolina piedmont area in 2017.

For decades, Dr. Rhoades has worked in specialty hospitals of one kind or another. Critical care suits her well as she gravitates toward more complex and in-depth cases and thrives on the variety in the emergency setting.


  • Bachelor of Science, Biology with minors in Chemistry and Health Sciences, Guilford College
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee (UTCVM)
  • AMEDD Captain’s Career Course, U.S. Army Medical Department
  • AMEDD Veterinary Corps Track, U.S. Army Medical Department


  • Directed research into the prevalence of three zoonotic diseases in several feline groups at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with the aim of addressing these issues in the stray/feral population on post
  • She has extensive clinical experience with working dogs


Dr. Rhoades has one young daughter, Charlotte, who delights in the fact that she shares her name with her new hometown.


Two Golden Retrievers and a Great Dane serve as beloved companions and a very reliable burglar alarm system for Dr. Rhoades and her family. Her cat is reportedly even more affectionate (and more needy) than her dogs.