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Vet Ophthalmology at CAREThe ophthalmology service at CARE is focused on treating eye diseases in dogs and cats to restore vision and prevent painful eye conditions.

Just like people develop eye problems, animals suffer many of the same diseases that can threaten vision and cause pain. Conditions such as corneal ulcers, glaucoma, cataracts, eyelid disorders, dry eye and retinal detachments are just some of the diseases commonly seen in dogs and cats. Veterinary ophthalmologists at CARE use the latest technology and equipment to diagnose your pet’s problem. We then create a treatment plan to improve or restore vision and resolve any pain.

Treatment of ophthalmic diseases typically involve medical therapy or surgery. At CARE, we understand that it can be very emotional to watch your pet experience eye pain or vision loss. We also understand that seeing a “doggy eye doctor” can be a scary thought. Our job as veterinary ophthalmologists is to make the experience comfortable for your pet and informative and stress-free for you.

Many medical procedures can be performed in the exam room while owners wait, while other procedures may require anesthesia for surgery. Procedures and surgeries offered with the ophthalmology service at CARE include:

    • Phacoemulsification (ultrasonic removal) of cataracts with artificial lens placement
    • Laser and valve procedures for glaucoma
    • Laser and surgical removal of eyelid tumors
    • Correction of eyelid abnormalities
    • Permanent correction of eyelash and abnormal hair growths
    • Resolution of non-healing corneal ulcers
    • Correction of cherry eye conditions
    • Artificial eye placement for blind/painful eyes

Our goal at CARE is to offer the best treatment options available to provide comfort, preserve vision and maintain a good long-term quality of life. We want our pets to see us just as well as we see them!

Hospital Admit Guide

If your pet is admitted for hospitalization at CARE, please review our Hospital Admit Guide to help answer questions about your pet’s stay.

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