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Test your knowledge of how CARE’s Vet Techs help your pets thrive

CARE’s Vet Techs should be called our Vet Tech Superstars! During National Vet Tech Week (Oct. 15-21), join us in celebrating their incredible work, often without headlines, parades, or fireworks.

These remarkable souls go beyond being caregivers! They’re veritable pet nurses, dedicated to restoring health and showering tenderness upon our beloved animal families.

Do you know exactly what Vet Techs do? Test your knowledge of what CARE requires of the proud professionals who make tails wag and “motors” purr!

1. What’s on the action-packed to-do list of the awesome veterinary technicians at CARE?


2. Which task is totally in the wheelhouse of vet techs?


3. What rock-star roles do vet technologists and technicians play at CARE?


4. Besides being a pet-loving powerhouse, what education and training are required to be a vet tech?


5. What’s the best way to say Thank You to a Vet Tech?


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