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The emergency service at CARE plays a vital role in caring for our patients and making us an important part of the community.

When a pet has an emergency illness, they need a 24-hour facility staffed by experienced, compassionate veterinarians. Emergency medicine requires a broad knowledge base and quick thinking. Our emergency doctors see patients with needs that range from an irritating skin infection to being hit by a car or bitten by a snake. They will assess each patient and react quickly, understanding what the pet needs for stabilization but also what the long-term implications are so that they can advise the client appropriately.

Our emergency veterinarians have the advantage of access to specialists for consultation and complicated emergency procedures. The emergency service also supports an intensive care unit with overnight care to specialty patients and patients being cared for by family veterinarians that do not have overnight care.

CARE is the official 24/7 Emergency Services provider of

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