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Vet Emergency Service at CAREThe emergency service at CARE is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help with your pet’s urgent needs. Emergencies can range from life-threatening injuries to simple illnesses that just can’t wait until your veterinary office opens. Our staff is trained in emergency assessment, diagnosis and treatment so that your pet can feel better as soon as possible.

The emergency visit begins with an assessment of the severity of the illness and whether urgent treatment is needed. For some pets with less serious illnesses, this might mean waiting while our doctors attend to an animal with more immediate needs. Your stay with us also can vary depending on what tests need to be performed and whether the pet needs to remain in our hospital.

We understand that during this stressful time, it’s vital that we communicate what to expect and what treatment options are best. Because your regular veterinarian is a core part of your pet’s healthcare team, we also make sure he or she is aware of all test results and treatment plans.

At CARE, our emergency veterinarians have the advantage of access to specialists who provide consultation and perform complicated emergency procedures. We know how worried owners are when their pets have an emergency and our focus is to relieve that worry by providing exceptional care with compassion.

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