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Our Referral Portal Guidelines below (for rVetLink) offers you a more pictorial and detailed description of how to easily use our referral portal. Please contact us at 704-457-2300 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

Accessing the Portal
  • Access the portal at the CARE website under For Veterinarians OR at
  • Login credentials are a per CLINIC basis, not individual
  • Please share login information with your staff
  • Bookmark the portal login page on your browser
  • Email [email protected] if you need a password reset
  • Home screen of the portal has medical history of patients you have referred to CARE
  • Click Refer Patient tab above the Patient Chart to start a referral
    Patient Chart
  • Referral Details
    • Select Specialty Service for Referral from drop down list
    • Enter general reason for referral
    • Add any Additional Comments needed
      Refer Patient
  • Referring Veterinarian
    • Describes information of Referring Veterinarian
    • If Profile and Settings tab is completely filled out, fields will auto-filled with your contact information
      Refer Patient - Referring Vet Info
  • Client Information
    Refer Patient Client Info
  • Patient Information
    Patient Info - Patient Files
  • Click drop-down option under the Medical Records, Lab Results, and Diagnostic Images options to select your delivery method
  • If you do not use electronic records, please select a non-electronic method of delivery, such as faxing, sending with client, etc.
  • To add a file, click Add File document. Option to View or Delete file after it has been uploaded.
    • Type in a description then click Select File to access your file
    • Click file you wish to upload and click Open. The file should appear in the box directly below the Select File button.
    • Click Upload if you are satisfied with the file you selected. Repeat process for as many files as you’d like.
  • Review & Complete
    • Review your information to confirm accuracy
    • After reviewing, click Submit
Patient Chart
  • Search for the patient using the following methods:
    • Patient First Name
    • Client Last Name
    • Last Updated (time frame)
      Patient Chart
  • Click Show on far right-hand side to display patient chart
  • Patient chart will provide the following medical documentation:
    • Client / Patient Information
    • Check-In/Out
    • Appointments
    • Medical Notes
    • Diagnosis
    • Problems
    • Prescriptions
    • Procedures
    • Diagnostic Results/Laboratory
    • Digital Imaging
Patient Referrals
  • To access saved or previously submitted eReferrals, click Patient Referrals
    Patient Referrals
  • This is a “virtual filing cabinet” of all referrals made through the portal
    • This will not display referrals made outside of the portal
  • Referrals will automatically sort by relevance with most recent referrals at top
    Patient Referrals

If you have any questions, please contact us at 704-457-2300 or [email protected].