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Joseph Yacobucci, DVM

Joseph Yacobucci, DVM

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in biology from Loyola University of Maryland, Joseph Yacobucci attended Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. As an undergraduate, he volunteered at the SPCA and worked in an equine hospital and at an animal resource center. During vet school, he worked in the neurology department at Cornell’s animal hospital and spent summers interning as a veterinary research assistant. Throughout these experiences, he developed a passion for emergency and critical care medicine, particularly emergency surgery and procedures.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Yacobucci is devoted to the treatment and wellbeing of animals while simultaneously strengthening the human-animal bond, especially in high stress, emergency situations. His goal is to ensure that pet owners are comfortable with him during critical care, while at the same time providing information and education on treatment plans.

In his free time, he enjoys camping, hiking and other outdoor activities as well as hanging out with his cat and his tortoise.


  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Loyola University of Maryland
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine


  • Studied CTs and created 3D models of patients diagnosed with hepatic neoplasia and evaluated the effectiveness of chemoembolization treatments in a hospital setting
  • Researched patients diagnosed with extra hepatic portosystemic shunts as part of a paper to reclassify EPSS
  • Enjoys incorporating orthopedics and neurology into study and treatment


Squash, Dr. Yacobucci’s cat, was also his first surgical spay patient, and Jack, his red-footed tortoise, has been with him since he was about 10 years old.