Just as cancer cells continually change in the ways they affect animals, veterinarians’ responses to the disease continually change, too. The new Vidium SearchLight DNA tumor testing is one of the most accurate and powerful tools vets have for evaluating cancer in your pet.

Genomics, the science of mapping genetic material in cells or organisms, has become much more precise in recent years. Diagnostic tests let vets apply up-to-date science in isolating and treating cancers: They see animals as individuals, rather than applying one treatment across the board.

Why Vidium SearchLight DNA Tumor Testing Matters

CARE now offers Vidium SearchLight DNA tumor testing for dogs. This genomic test may reveal mutations doctors can target with compounded human medications in personalized therapies. Owners wanting the most advanced cancer care or those open to novel therapy with human medicines may elect this test to find out why a cancer is growing or spreading.

Vidium SearchLight DNA tests check for 120 relevant cancer genes, plus the chemo-sensitivity gene MDR1. It’s the most clinically applicable and scientifically validated genomic-based diagnostic test available. Owners should be aware, though, that not every test results in a mutation vets can target or act on, and doctors have limited data on the effectiveness, side effects and toxicity of human drugs in pets.

Human oncologists already direct hundreds of safe, effective precision therapies against cancer mutations. Fewer precision therapies exist in veterinary medicine. But as vets better understand therapeutic targets in pet cancers, these therapies will become increasingly available and effective.

CARE is the animal equivalent of a human medical center. It offers all forms of treatment for pets through emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It also gives board-certified specialty care, once you get a referral from your primary veterinarian. Please take a visual tour of the practice at carecharlotte.com/tour.

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