Pets fill so many people’s hearts with love and joy, while asking for very little in return. Even more amazingly, certain animals are able to provide services for people in need and, in turn, many people depend on service dogs for their daily routine.

What Service Dogs Do

From allergy detection to autism support, hearing and visual guidance and even diabetic and seizure alerts, service dogs dedicate their lives to the well-being of their owners. Because of the important duties required, service dogs need to maintain excellent health to successfully perform their jobs. Among other things, vision is instrumental to their success.

National Service Animal Eye Exam Month

In recognition of the importance of service dogs’ good vision, May is National Service Animal Eye Exam Month. For the month of May, veterinary ophthalmologists offer free eye exams to service animals to diagnose and treat any eye issues that could affect their vision and impede their job performance. It is our chance as professionals to give back to the wonderful animals who have given us so much. As an ophthalmologist, I am grateful to be able to offer my services to these wonderful, selfless creatures.

Free Eye Exams

If you have a service animal and would like to have their eyes examined by an ophthalmologist, the first step is to look for a veterinary ophthalmologist in your area. Next, go online to to see if your animal qualifies for a free eye exam. If he or she does, try to schedule an appointment with a participating ophthalmologist during the month of May.

During the appointment, the doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam to identify any early signs of disease. Early detection often enables treatment to prevent major issues that negatively affect the service animal’s vision and limit their ability to perform their duties.


To register your service animal for a free eye exam at CARE, call 704-457-2300 to schedule an appointment this month. The free exam does not include any follow-up appointments, treatments or surgeries.

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