The front line staff who greet our clients every day and personally help them navigate the path of emergency or complex care for their pets are our Veterinary Client Service Representatives (CSRs). Our CSRs, like all veterinary receptionists, are the first point of contact for our clients when they are in distress. They are also the last staff members our clients see as they schedule follow-up appointments and manage payments. CSRs keep the logistics of the clinic running smoothly so the doctors, nurses, and technicians can focus on providing stellar veterinary care. At CARE, we are celebrating National Veterinary Receptionist Week (April 23 to 29, 2023) by spotlighting the exceptional work of our CSRs.

A Crucial Role

CSRs at CARE Charlotte are a crucial component of our success. They are the web that holds the clinic together. While we are grateful all year long, we are taking this week to highlight the importance of our CSRs to us.

Each day during Veterinary Receptionist Week 2023, we will feature one of our many exceptional CSRs. You will learn what they love about their jobs and what furry family members are the driving forces behind their empathetic natures.

Some shared features of their stories include:

  • A warm, friendly and welcoming spirit
  • A genuine love for animals and care for pet owners when their animals are in crisis
  • Mind-boggling ability to multitask

Special Thanks During National Veterinary Receptionist Week 2023

We are thrilled to celebrate our CSRs during their special week. But we are thankful for them all year round! Next time you are here, please take a moment to thank our CSRs.

Read Six of Our Client Service Representatives’ Stories Here

Janae Clark, CSR-ER Lead
Rebecca Covington, sCSR for Oncology
Cailey Burdette, CSR – Daytime Lead
Cathy McGrattan, sCSR for Ophthalmology
Nilson Rodriguez, CSR
Anna Encinias, sCSR for Neurology

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