We all want our pets to see as well as possible because it adds to their quality of life. However, there are dogs whose eyesight, along with training and dedication, directly contributes to the quality of life of people. Service animals allow individuals with a variety of challenges to live fuller lives. And thanks to ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists) and Epicure Pharma, those animals get free ocular screening and free eye exams in May.

What is a Service and Working Animal?

Dogs are the most common Service and Working Animal. They are trained to care for people who can use extra assistance in their everyday life. It could be someone with diabetes who would benefit from an animal that could warn someone of a medical crisis. Or to alert someone of an impending seizure. Even autism support. These animals dedicate their lives to supporting the well-being of their guardians. Because their jobs are so vital, it’s important that service dogs maintain excellent health. And no sense is more essential than their sight.

The ACVO/Epicur National Service Animal Free Eye Exams Event

As a way of giving back to these animals and their guardians, ACVO and sponsor Epicur Pharma are offering the free eye exams and ocular screening throughout May. Veterinary ophthalmologists who are members of ACVO who choose to participate donate their time, staff and services for this special cause.

The doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam during the appointment. He or she will also perform a screening to identify any early signs of disease. Early detection is essential, allowing for treatment to avoid major issues affecting vision that can limit their ability to perform their duties.

Register in April for Free Eye Exams in May

I am honored to be a part of this program and grateful to be able to give back to these animals who give so much and their guardians whose challenges are made easier by their sacrifice. If you have a service animal who would benefit from this free screening and exam – or if you know someone who would benefit – go to acvoeyeexam.org to learn about qualification and how to register. You can register all throughout the month of April for the May screenings and exams. Just be aware, registration does not secure your appointment. But you must register to start the process.

CARE’s ophthalmology service team is proud to participate in this important free eye exams program to protect the sight of animals who serve those in our community who benefit from their service.

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