World Veterinary Day falls on April 28th. While it’s kind of always Veterinary Day around CARE, the holiday reminded us why we chose veterinary medicine and what inspires us in our careers.


Dr. Peggy Sayer: I became a vet because I was interested in working with marine mammals. Over time my interests changed a bit, but that is the beauty of being a veterinarian! You can work in almost any field- academic, research, government, technology. What inspires me is the extraordinary connection people have with their pets. The love and devotion is very moving.

Critical Care

Dr. Christina Maglaras: I didn’t know how to incorporate my love for animals into a career until working at the Bronx Zoo during summer break in college. I grew an attachment to a Nubian goat who required special care due to a progressive chronic condition. Learning the best way to care for her, and how to help her through her final days made me realize I wanted to be able to help other animals – even if that meant I could not fix them, but to at least give them the best care, comfort and love until the very end. Each and every patient deserves the best treatment, and that’s what keeps me inspired.


Dr. Michelle Culbert: Becoming a veterinarian was my childhood dream. I’ve always loved animals and wanted to help them in any way that I could. Today, I put that passion towards providing excellent medical care for our furry friends.

Dr. Debra James: I knew at a young age that I needed to work with animals. Regardless of the role I’ve had in veterinary medicine, I have always worked my hardest to provide compassionate care to my patients and their owners.

Dr. Kelly Lang: As a teenager, I volunteered at the Humane Society. From my first day, I knew I’d found my calling. Helping animals live healthy, happy lives is what I’m meant to do. The fact that I achieved this goal keeps me inspired. That, and each time I treat a cat or dog and get to send him or her home with her family.

Dr. Matt Thompson: My life-long love of animals and science led me into veterinary medicine. Seeing something “new” every day, despite having been an ER vet for 18 years, and helping horrifically sick animals through serious illnesses keeps me inspired.


Dr. Amy Fauber: I’ve never wanted to be anything but a vet! To me, there is nothing more inspiring and rewarding than seeing a paralyzed dog walk again.


Dr. Wesley Campbell: I grew up on my grandmother’s farm with cattle, turkeys and working dogs. I loved taking care of the baby turkeys, showing the cattle and hanging out with the dogs. My family had dogs and cats growing up and we lost our beloved Golden Retriever to cancer when I was in middle school. I pretty much made the decision to become a vet when that happened so that I could try to help all the animals. My patients and personal pets inspire me on a daily basis.

Dr. Lark Walters: Enhancing and maintaining the human animal bond is what made me want to become a veterinarian. Most of the pets we treat are considered family by their owners and keeping them healthy and happy is why I do what I do. Working closely with the most dedicated clients to maintain the highest possible quality of life for their pets keeps me inspired.


Dr. Joshua Broadwater: As a child, I spent hours with my microscope, trying to treat and cure diseases that caused animals to suffer. I remain inspired by ophthalmology because there’s something so special about relieving pain caused by a corneal ulcer or glaucoma and by giving a blind animal his or her sight back by removing cataracts.


Dr. Laura Dvorak: I spent a day at a small veterinary hospital during my high school’s Career Shadow Day, and fell in love with it. I have always loved animals and had a passion for the arts and sciences. Being a veterinary surgeon allows me to combine those passions while having a positive impact on the lives of clients and their pets.

Dr. Elizabeth Thompson: As a child I used to watch “Emergency Vets” on Animal Planet. I knew in second grade that I wanted to help animals, but as I matured, the desire to become a veterinarian was solidified when I realized that helping animals is a means to not only serve the animal population but the humans that call them family. Every time I witness the human-animal bond, the true impact animals have on people’s lives, and I am able to save an animal and preserve that bond for someone, I am inspired all over again and reassured that I chose the right path.


Whether your vet refers you for a specialty care or you need to bring your pet in for urgent medical treatment, you can count on a few things. First, each and every one of our vets is passionate about veterinary medicine. Second, everyone who works at CARE loves animals. And third, we are all working toward one common goal – getting your pet back where he or she belongs – at home with you.

In case of an emergency, plug our contact information into your phone. We’re open 24/7/365. Call us on your way at 704-457-2300.

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