Recent studies suggest that people who work in veterinary medicine are at a high risk for mental health disorders. At CARE, we take these studies very seriously.

We have implemented policies and procedures to help any employee face disorders such as compassion fatigue and depression head on. Further, we have established the practice as a fun and supportive place to work. Our culture encourages open communication, camaraderie and trust amongst staff members.

As one of the founders of CARE, I wanted to take a minute to explain how we work to keep mental health at the forefront of our practice. We of course value our staff members and want to take care of their well-being. We also believe that strong mental health empowers our team members to provide our patients the highest level of care. Each and every one of our employees has a deep passion for improving pets’ quality of life through veterinary medicine. As a leader, I understand the importance of protecting and enabling this passion, as it makes so many of us tick.

Mental Health Benefits

In response to the recent press about mental health and well-being of veterinarians, we have changed our employee benefits. Our benefits packages now include counseling sessions for our staff members and their families.

CARE’s Culture

The work we do is very demanding, both mentally and physically. Negative effects are felt much more deeply when faced alone. Therefore, we strive to create and maintain close relationships amongst our team members. We encourage staff to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Being part of a team allows us to share the burden of job-related stress and not become so overwhelmed. And to share a little fun and a lot of laughter along the way.

Two mantras we live by, “assume positive intent” and “seek to understand,” promote a sense of community. Using these tools to guide conversations helps resolve miscommunications and prevent small problems from becoming larger issues.

Further, we have a committee of staff members dedicated to incorporating wellness activities into the daily culture of the clinic. Our “Wellness Champions” take a proactive approach to mental health by providing stress relievers and morale boosting activities. These include games in the breakroom, pot luck lunches and a wellness board with tips on relaxation, healthy recipes and inspirational quotes. Members of the committee have also learned how to coach people through tough times and are a great resource for staff members seeking advice.

Well-Being and Our Mission

To achieve the highest veterinary care around, we must strive to give our patients and clients our best selves. We have learned that we need to take the time to recharge and care for ourselves as well. And in doing so, our ability to treat our patients improves.
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