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CARE Culture

CARE Culture

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Education
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Tech Week & CSR Week (gifts/catering)
  • PTO donations to other staff members
  • Paid outings for team building
  • Hospital Library
  • Celebrations / Anniversaries / Birthdays
  • Personal Strengths = Growth Potential
CARE Culture


  • 5/2 work schedule. Work 5 days, off 5, work 2 days, off 2! (ER/ICU)
  • VIP Pet Care/discount/pet clinics
  • Emotional Intelligence training/coaching
  • Wellness food provided for ER/ICU
  • Spending allowance for mental health
CARE Culture

Other Benefits

  • 80 hours of PTO upfront!
  • 120 hrs of PTO by the 3rd yr
  • Additional 30 hrs of sick time
  • Pay differentials for 2nd/3rd shifts
  • Double time holiday pay
  • Additional tech time pay
  • Bonus pay

Total Compensation Package


Company Contribution

Medical Insurance$4,031
Dental Insurance$183
Group Term Life AD&D$32
401(K) Company Match$1,498
HRA Alowance Medical$750
HRA Allowance Mental Health$750
Employee Assistance Program$13
Uniform Allowance$70
CE Allowance rolls over every 2yrs$750/$1,500



Benefits add roughly $4/hr to each employee.