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Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility in Charlotte offering 24/7 emergency care and board-certified specialty care. We see specialty appointments by referral from your primary veterinarian and are open and staffed for emergencies 365 days a year. Board-certified specialty services offered include internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, surgery, oncology and ophthalmology. Our advanced diagnostic services include ultrasonography and echocardiography, endoscopy, non-invasive surgical procedures, rapid-scan CT imaging, and high-field MRI, in addition to many others.

Our mission is to provide exceptional veterinary specialty and emergency care to our patients. We strive to exceed your expectations of service and promise to treat each patient as if it is one of our own. As a referral center, we will work closely with your referring veterinarian and, together as a team, diagnose and treat disease, provide compassionate care, and offer hope for best quality of life. Our commitment to our staff is to treat them with respect and dedication, and they will commit to continually improve their skills and knowledge to best assist in all aspects of care.

The CARE board certification difference.

A veterinary specialist is a doctor who has completed advanced training in a specific area of practice. Becoming a veterinarian involves four years of postgraduate veterinary education. About 15% of these veterinary graduates then continue with a one- or two-year internship followed by a three-year residency. Once finished with residency, becoming a Diplomate of their specialty requires passing a rigorous board exam. Only those who have earned Diplomate status in a specialty college qualify as board-certified specialists.

The American Veterinary Association currently recognizes 22 specialty organizations comprising 41 distinct specialties including cardiology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, oncology, surgery, neurology and many more.

You and your pet may be referred to a veterinary specialist if diagnosing or treating your pet’s health problem requires specialized equipment or intensive medical care. The specialist’s expertise complements that of your veterinarian; and it is important that you, your veterinarian and your veterinary specialist communicate and work together to provide the best care for your pet.

Why would my veterinarian refer me to a specialist?

Generally, you might consider seeking a referral if:

  • Your pet’s disease is uncommon, complicated or undiagnosed after standard testing
  • Your pet could benefit from 24-hour monitoring provided by a specialty veterinary facility
  • The outcome of current treatment is not going well or as expected
  • Your pet requires a sophisticated procedure or diagnostic testing only offered by a specialty veterinary facility

If you believe your pet would benefit from a board-certified veterinary specialist, discuss referral with your regular veterinarian. They will provide us with the information on your pet’s medical history, so you can make an appointment with CARE. Together, we’ll get to work helping your pet feel better.

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